Dev Update - Next Games Character Tools Sneak Peek

From 8/22/2023 Dev Update

Latest Updates

Pathfinder NEXUS

  • (WIP) Sky King’s Tomb: Cult of the Cave Worm, PFS - Year of Unfettered Exploration
  • (Live!) Custom Lore Skills Support
  • (Incoming) Spellbook Access, Feat and Skill Fixes
  • Core Remaster Updates

Avatar Legends NEXUS

  • (WIP) Republic City

Marvel NEXUS

  • (Live) Core Rulebook
  • (WIP) Character Tools Incoming

Vampire NEXUS

  • (WIP) Vampire Character Tools


  • Early Access launch expected 9/5/23
    • Kobold Press, Ghostfire Gaming, + More!

Children of Éarte

  • New Episode - Tonight at 6pm PT

Character Tools Roadmap

  • (Beta) Pathfinder, Avatar Legends
  • (WIP) Vampire, Marvel RPG
  • [REDACTED], 5e, ALIEN RPG, Hunter, Werewolf

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These sneak peeks look really good! Hyped to show this to the rpg group!

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The Marvel builder looks nice. I have a question: Do the character builders support custom entries? Can we add custom powers, origins, etc.?

The builder will support creating a custom character using all the existing game elements and will give you the ability to use custom origins, occupations, traits, and tags. The ability to fully build out a new power / power set that will be fully integrated like the existing powers will come after our Homebrew feature is added to the platform later this year.



Alien. Wants it. Gimme!

These are great. Can we maybe also create our own origins (picking traits and tags to include) or at least have a way to customize that aspect?

You will be able to name and define a custom origin, so the text will display on the character sheet just like it would with any origin. You will also have a setting to add as many traits and tags as you would like, so you can add whatever you want to support your custom origin.

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Looking good. I am just waiting on the VTM tools to run my game. Thank you Nexus Team!

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Is there any update on when Republic City might be ready? At least the Playbooks?

Republic City will become available on the NEXUS on the street date. I don’t know if Magpie has shared that date publicly yet, but it’s coming soon. :slight_smile: