Dev Update - Pathfinder Character Builder Sneak Peek

5/10/2022 Dev Update

Latest Updates

Currently in development:

  • Pathfinder Nexus
    • Bundles will be moving into QA soon.
      • Initially, there will be bundles for Rulebooks, Lost Omens, and Standalone Adventures.
      • This is paving the way for Adventure Path Bundles.
    • Character Engine - Core Rules, Prerequisites, and Class Features.
      • Data Mapping and Parsing Game Elements.
  • Vampire Nexus
    • Active in the works.
    • There is an update on the Forums posted after stream (with a preview).


  • Pathfinder Nexus
    • Adventure Paths are the only outstanding thing before we are caught up.
    • We are trying for the May 25th Pathfinder releases on their street date.
    • Tertiary Game Elements (ie. Conditions, Hazards, Afflictions, and more) will likely be developed after the Character Builder is released.
    • Previews of the Pathfinder Nexus Character Builder demonstrate what two screens will look like.
  • Children of Éarte - Episode 7 is tonight at 6pm PT!