Dev Update - PayPal and Performance Updates

From 2/7/2023 Dev Update

Latest Updates


  • (Live!) Federated Login, PayPal Payments

Pathfinder NEXUS - Early Access

  • (WIP) Gatewalkers #2, Treasure Vault
  • (Back Catalog) Agents of Edgewatch AP
  • Character Tools Closed Alpha - Spells
    • (Live) Builder / Sheet Performance Updates
    • (SoonTM) Spells (Core Spell Lists)

Vampire NEXUS & Avatar Legends NEXUS

  • (WIP) Character Tools - Architecture / Engines


  • (WIP) Destroyer of Worlds - to Free League This Week

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Character Builder & Digital Sheet

  • Pathfinder Character Tools Closed Alpha
    • Releases - Tuesdays and Thursdays
    • Fixes > Features > Open Beta
    • Spells Management, New Book Coverage, Companions and Familiars, Shield Mechanics, Formulas, Mobile / Tablet Views, Homebrew (In-Sheet, Full), Currency

Game Content:

  • Pathfinder
    • Lost Omens: Firebrands, Rage of Elements
  • Vampire
    • Children of the Blood, Player’s Guide
    • Heart of Darkness, Chariot of the Gods



can PayPal be used in the uk? if yes how?

I just replied to you in another thread, but duplicating it here in case someone with a similar issue sees this one first:

It should be possible to use PayPal to checkout in the UK (along with 200+ other countries), but if you’re not seeing that option and you think you should, please submit a support ticket for us to assist you and look into it: