Dev Update - Platform Updates and ALIEN Sheet Concept

From 1/16/2024 Dev Update

Latest Updates

Pathfinder NEXUS

  • (ICYMI) Character Tools Full Launch
  • (WIP) Performance Improvements
  • (WIP) Companions and Familiars


  • (This Week) Microservice / Serverless, Image Optimization Reader / Compendium
  • (Incoming) Image Optimization Character Tools
  • (WIP) Homebrew


  • (WIP) Building Better Worlds, Chariot of the Gods
  • (WIP) Character Builder and Digital Sheet

Children of Éarte

  • Live tonight at 6pm PT

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Need any alpha testers for that Alien stuff yet? Happy to volunteer!

Hey, is API/Exports still on the future implements? I remember that being a thing back in 2023

API/Exports is still on our roadmap, there are just some other things that are a little higher priority in the short-term that we want to nail down first.

From our perspective, we want to make sure that the character tools are in a more finished state before we open the doors for those kind of external connections. If we need to make some adjustments to how something works in the backend while developing the tools, that could break those connections, which we don’t want to have happen. :slight_smile:

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What about a printable character sheet? Are their plans for this anytime soon? This would make Pathfinder Nexus the tool for my group to start using if printing were available.

… That an some fixes for feats and dual classing variants. :slight_smile:

Something Adam mentioned on a recent Dev Update is that we’ve started some exploratory work on printing character sheets.

When we have more to share about printing sheets, we’ll be sure to talk about it on the Dev Update streams. :slight_smile:

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