Dev Update - Responsive Views First pass

From 4/11/2023 Dev Update

Latest Updates

Pathfinder NEXUS - Early Access

  • (WIP) The Enmity Cycle, Stole Fate AP, Highhelm
  • Character Tools Closed Alpha
    • (Today) Spell Heightening Round 1, Mobile / Responsive Views Initial Pass, Class Updates
    • (WIP) Theming, Continued Class Updates, Currency

Vampire NEXUS & Avatar Legends NEXUS

  • (WIP) Character Tools - Building Builder Screens

Hunter NEXUS

  • (WIP) Lines Drawn in Blood

Vampire NEXUS

Update Notes (Incoming Later Today)

  • General Updates
    • Our initial responsive layout is now live for alpha feedback.
      • Today’s release includes mobile, tablet, and laptop support
    • Item thumbnails are now shown on the Equipment tab of the Character Sheet.
    • We have implemented the first wave of Heightened Spell support. In addition to reflecting heightened damages, heightened spells will also call out their unique effects in spell drawers. Additional support for Heightened Spell scenarios will follow.
    • Players can now track shield Hit Points in the shield drawer.
    • Resolved an issue where unarmored proficiency rank was not displayed correctly.
  • Class / Class Feature Updates
    • We resolved an issue where the Sorcerer’s spellcasting proficiency rank remained trained despite advancement.
    • We updated several Alchemist class features, including breaking out the benefits granted by the level 1 “Alchemy” feature and adding “Quick Alchemy” to the list of actions available on the character sheet.

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Character Builder & Digital Sheet

  • Pathfinder Character Tools Closed Alpha
    • Road to Open Beta
      • New Book Coverage, Currency, Formulas, Companions, Familiars, Sharing - View/Copy, Homebrew - In-Sheet

Game Content:

  • Pathfinder
    • Lost Omens: Rage of Elements
    • Heart of Darkness, Chariot of the Gods

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Is the responsive update specifically for the Pathfinder character stuff, or is it a sitewide change?

This is primarily for the character tools. Everything else on the site is already optimized for responsive views. :slight_smile: