Dev Update - Starfinder NEXUS Announcement and GenCon Recap

From 8/8/2023 Dev Update

Latest Updates

Pathfinder NEXUS

  • (Live) Rage of Elements, Sky King’s Tomb / Player’s Guide, A Few Flowers More
  • (WIP) Character Sheet - Containers Incoming
  • Character Tools Open Beta Features
  • Pathfinder Core Updates
  • Remaster Program
    • Free Upgrades for Player Core and GM Core

Avatar Legends NEXUS

  • (Live) Character Builder and Digital Character Sheet
  • (Live) An Urgent Request

Marvel NEXUS

  • (Live) Core Rulebook
  • Character Tools Incoming (Before EOY)

Vampire / Hunter

  • (Live) Vampire: Players Guide, Hunter: Lines Drawn in Blood
  • Vampire Character Tools Incoming (Before EOY)

Starfinder NEXUS

  • Coming in 2024 for the start of the full playtest

Children of Éarte

  • ‘Vaults & Vagabonds’ Special Episode Tonight!

Conventions Through 2023

  • GameHole Con
  • PAX Unplugged

Giveaway: We gave away a Pathfinder Rulebooks Bundle. Join us live in future weeks for a chance to win more cool things! (Tuesdays at 9am Pacific)



Big question, are Mutant Year Zero and Alien character tools still coming this year? Is HTR included with these?

Since hearing (Before EOY) made me wonder if they would be delayed to 2024 or just later on. Sorry for all the questions! I am just a bit curious since I like to coordinate which ones I buy to which ones come out soon

Thanks for posting and asking the question -

We can’t quite confirm whether ALIEN and Hunter character tools will be available before the end of the year yet, but they are on the short list of next games.

For Mutant: Year Zero, we have it a bit lower on that list at this point, mainly because we are seeing much higher demand for other Free League games ahead of it (like Vaesen). We are likely to move on some of those before MYZ unless we start to see something different on that front.

We spent many months building a platform that could cover a wide variety of games. With pilot of Pathfinder in beta as of a couple of months ago, we moved very rapidly on Avatar Legends to release it, and we are seeing great traction on Marvel and Vampire. We’ll share updates as we have them for ALIEN and Hunter…I personally can’t wait for those to be available too!


Thanks for the answer!

Hearing about Hunter and Alien is nice! It’s also pleasant to know that Hunter is separate from Vampire release times.

For mutant that’s a shame, it looked very interesting to me, I loved the idea although I do get other Free League games having a lot of hype/traction. I do love their Blade Runner 2049 along with other games, Vaesen is a great example but I have yet to try it, have you?

Also, I love the platform! I use the Avatar Legends tools often whenever I am doing a game. I am also excited for Marvel and Vampire, it’s great that they’re coming out. Which I think you guys are doing great, following through with these games, thank you for all the info!

Any news on the 5e Nexus?

I’m hoping to be able to experiment with it for my setting releases in the future.



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We expect 5e NEXUS to launch in Early Access in September. Our team has put in a lot of work to make the NEXUS look and feel great, and we’re excited that in just a few weeks, everyone will be able to check it out the digital reader and rules compendium! :slight_smile:


Fantastic! I can’t wait to experiment for myself and the publishers I help out with 5e projects.

Jacob ‘Zed’ Rodgers

free upgrade for remaster, will you be refunding people who have the full bundle and pre-ordered the new player core and gm core on top of this?

If you send us a support ticket, we can assist you to make sure you’re taking full advantage of the Remaster Program:

I can’t believe I missed this announcement. I’ve nothing material to add to this thread except to say big thanks for supporting SF2e. I for one will be a full customer and cannot wait to see how the team evolves the product. Good luck team and thanks again.


Question for you about the release date for the Starfinder 2e digital content? When in 2024 should I be hearing about it?

I believe the Starfinder playtest rulebook is slated for a summer release from Paizo this year. They’ve posted some updates about it on their blog, and when we’ve got news to share about our support for Starfinder, you can find it here in the forums or in our Dev Update youtube videos. :slight_smile:


I don’t know if this is the right place to ask, but Starfinder is going to be fully compatible and even require pathfinder 2e. How are y’all going to address that?

We can’t really answer questions about how we’re handling things until we have a chance to see the rules. Rest assured, as soon as we have information to share about how we’re handling things, we’ll do so. :slight_smile:

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