Dev Update - The Road Goes Ever On

From 7/19/2022 Dev Update

Latest Updates

Currently in development:

  • Pathfinder NEXUS Early Access
    • WIP: Content
      • Dark Archive, Blood Lords
    • WIP: Character Engine
      • Front End Kickoff
  • Vampire NEXUS - Early Access
    • WIP: Content
      • Chicago by Night, Cults of the Blood Gods
  • Free League Discovery Work


Character Builder & Digital Sheet

  • Pathfinder
    • Pilot > Build Phase
  • Vampire
    • Design Phase

Game Content

  • Pathfinder
    • AP Catch Up
    • We have a long term goal to include Bounties and PFS Scenarios
  • Vampire
    • Current Releases Catch Up
  • [REDACTED] NEXUS Early Access
  • Children of Éarte - Tonight at 6pm!

Excellent… (in my best Mr Burns voice)

I am very much looking forward to the character builder.


As are we!


I’m really looking forward to the CotBG and CbN stuff! I already own the PDFs + physical books, but it will be great to have them all in one place here. Keep the books coming, and I’ll keep buying them.

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If their work on the Chicago book is anything like their work on the Absalom (Pathfinder) city book, it will be an amazing resource full of hyperlinks.

I’m just waiting for that character builder and then I’m ready to drop the big money on the Pathfinder 2e Ultimate Bundle :smiley:


Come on character creation! I’m literally holding off my whole group from getting other apps for this (we’re all new)


That and content sharing for me.

At what point are Shoonies going to become available? I’m really excited to play a pugman!

Same. We’re about to do a session zero, so we’ll miss the access, but I’ll just manage it on Foundry.