Dev Update - Vampire NEXUS Preview

From 6/14/2022 Dev Update

Latest Updates

Currently in development:

  • Pathfinder NEXUS - Phase 2 of Early Access
    • Live: Content Bundles
      • ULTIMATE, Rulebooks, Lost Omens, Standalone Adventures, and Adventure Paths.
        • After releasing bundles last week, we deactivated them over the weekend to do some polishing. They are live again now!
      • Abomination Vaults has been released.
    • (WIP) Character Engine
      • Visual Scripting > Ancestries > Classes. Adam shared an anecdote that he “has a goofy grin after getting off work calls” related to the character engine.
  • Vampire NEXUS - Early Access
    • Corebook, Camarilla, Anarch, VtM Companion are all in the works to launch the Vampire NEXUS.
      • Adam shared two previews of what the Vampire NEXUS will look like, with previews of the Powers and Clans pages, and a closer look at the Ventrue Clan page.


  • Pathfinder Nexus
    • Adventure Paths are being worked on.
    • Tertiary Game Elements (ie. Conditions, Hazards, Afflictions, and more) are targeted after the Character Builder is ready.
    • Character Management is currently in development.
  • Children of Éarte - Tonight at 6pm!
  • No Dev Update next week as Adam will be traveling.