Dev Update - Vampire Themes and Builder Screens

From 8/29/2023 Dev Update

Latest Updates

Demiplane Membership

  • (Incoming) Subscribe Annually and Save 20%

Pathfinder NEXUS

  • (Tonight!) Sky King’s Tomb: Cult of the Cave Worm, PFS - Year of Unfettered Exploration
  • (Incoming) Custom Lore Skill Fixes
  • Core Remaster Updates

Avatar Legends NEXUS

  • (WIP) Republic City

Marvel NEXUS

  • (Live) Core Rulebook
  • (WIP) Character Tools Incoming

Vampire NEXUS

  • (WIP) Vampire Character Tools


  • Early Access launch expected 9/5/23
    • Kobold Press, Ghostfire Gaming, + More!

Children of Éarte

  • New Episode - Tonight at 6pm PT

Character Tools Roadmap

  • (Beta) Pathfinder, Avatar Legends
  • (WIP) Vampire, Marvel RPG
  • [REDACTED], 5e, ALIEN RPG, Hunter, Werewolf

Poll: People in chat suggested themes for the Vampire builder and sheet, and we ran a poll of our top six favorite suggestions. The winner was Masquerade Ball!

Giveaway: We gave away a Vampire Ultimate Bundle. Join us live in future weeks for a chance to win more cool things! (Tuesdays at 9am Pacific)