Dev Update - Welcome to 2023

From 1/10/2023 Dev Update

Latest Updates

Pathfinder NEXUS - Early Access

  • (LIVE) Sources, Primers, and Listings Updates
    • General Polish, Mobile Tweaks
  • (Next Week) Gatewalkers: The Seventh Arch, Fists of the Ruby Phoenix (Compiled)
  • (WIP) Agents of Edgewatch AP
  • (Today) Character Builder & Digital Sheet
    • Closed Alpha - Tuesday Build

Vampire NEXUS - Early Access

  • (WIP) Character Builder & Digital Sheet
    • Design Phase / Exploration - 85%


  • (WIP) Destroyer of Worlds

Character Tools Closed Alpha

Update Notes - 1/10/2023 (will be cross posted in the forums and discord today)

  • Updated interactions for the Skill, Skill Action, Actions, and Activity buttons based on community feedback: users can now click anywhere on the button to expand/collapse the button or select the name of the button to open its corresponding drawer.
  • Fixed issue keeping users from searching Skill Actions. Skill Actions can now be searched.
  • Added source material information to the drawers for various action and activities.
  • Ability Scores, Armor Class, feats, items, and Class Features.
  • Added the armor class drawer
  • Users are now able to hide actions and activities.
  • Updated Perception and Speed drawers.
  • Users can now set which speed they want to display on their sheet.

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Children of Éarte

  • We return tonight at 6pm Pacific at Twitch
  • On the Éarte will be back next month, on the first week of February.


Character Builder & Digital Sheet

  • Pathfinder Character Tools Closed Alpha
    • Releases - Tuesdays and Thursdays
    • Fixes > Features > Open Beta
    • Spells Management, New Book Coverage, Companions and Familiars, and More (all features, which we will focus on after priority fixes)
    • Homebrew - Concept Phase

Game Content:

  • Pathfinder
    • Lost Omens: Firebrands, Treasure Vault, Rage of Elements
  • Vampire
    • Children of the Blood, The Chicago Folios
    • Heart of Darkness, Chariot of the Gods