Dice Bug - "The Rule of Six"

I noticed an issue while playing with the digital dice, the UI does not adhere to “The Rule of Six” (SEE: Core Rules - Page 11)

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Open the digital dice modal
  2. Add 7 or more dice
  3. Click the “Roll” button

The UI should not allow players to add more than six (6) dice to their pool at any time.

Players can add infinite dice to a single action roll.

Hello and thanks for posting.

This is actually intended in the dice roller, at least for now. We by default start from a place of not restricting players / groups from rolling whatever dice they want - there are homebrew and “table stakes” things that happen during a game that we can’t account for, where a GM could say that someone could roll more than six for a specific thing because of various factors.

Having said the above, that is just the starting point, and we plan to add some additional preferences / options around how it works in the future. The idea is we would want to have a “speed bump” and not a wall, and once we get to that point on our list, we’ll have a default “The Rule of Six” preference toggled on that players could toggle off for “rule breaking” rolls if they desired to do so.

We’ll share more once we get there.

Thanks again!