Did something happen whit character sheets?

Heya everyone.

Some of y girlfriend characters seems to have merged together somehow.

Her character Eleanor changed name and picture to that of Nexs. Her attributes is viewed double an all her dots and Exp is added together.

Is there anything she could have done or clicked to produce such a result? Or could it be some server side issue?

Here is a link to her character. Thanks in advance for any tips or insight.


Thanks for reporting this, our team is looking into what’s happening here. :slight_smile:

That’s fantastic! Her proactive nature really saved the day – she had a physical copy on hand and quickly made a new character. Thanks for investigating this, it’s great to know there are measures in place to prevent this in the future.

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We have recreated her character, Eleanor, for her to save a copy back to her account. I think we remade the character to be pretty close to where it was before this issue occurred. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy way to fix the version of the character that was corrupted, but we’ve found the source of the issue and are implementing a fix to keep it from happening again.

Here’s that copy of the character for her to save and use: https://app.demiplane.com/nexus/vampire/character-sheet/d7dbf5e8-bc22-40e3-bca6-668c920f8451

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Amazing, many thanks to you and anyone on your team!