Digital books are portable?

I’m just discovering this site and I’m curious what I actually get if I purchase, say, Marvel Multiverse RPG here? I get that I can use the book here on Demiplane, but does that grant me a PDF or anything so I can access it offline or print parts of it even?

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Hello AlanEsh, welcome to Demiplane!

Each NEXUS has it’s own licensor with their own approach, so this varies with each of our partners. For example, Pathfinder NEXUS purchases do entitle you to a PDF copy if you connect your Paizo account to Demiplane with Paizo Sync. However, a Demiplane edition of Marvel Multiverse does not include a PDF version.

Demiplane is a web application, so is accessible only while online.

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Thanks for the reply – so if I buy a hard copy of Marvel Multiverse instead, can I still use Demiplane’s character generation and such, or will that be limited/inaccessible because I didn’t buy a second copy via Demiplane?

The Demiplane edition is a separate edition from a physical edition (or other digital edition from another toolset). You would still have access to the free content available in the builder, but to gain access to all of the content, you would need to purchase the Demiplane edition. (Side-note, we do have a sale going through next week for 15% off, SPRING24 is the code!)

Hope that helps!