Direct link to Compendium Item from External Source Redirected - Intentional?

I really like speed and visual of Demiplane Compendium over Archives of Nethys. So I wanted to link to Nexus entries from my website/blog on my write ups but it seems like the links do not work.

Specifically, I’m trying to link to spells like magic missile: Demiplane

I wonder if this is a bug or intentional. I hope its a former.

In fact, I am hoping Nexus will allow at least basic entries to be free of access even those who do not have Nexus account.

If I could dream, I even hope we would be allowed to have Wordpress plugin to direct embedding of pop up Items with API.

Hello, thanks for posting!

A quick note, the URL you have in the link isn’t correct…it needs to use /spell instead of /spells:

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That’s interesting.

Indeed, changing to SPELL from SPELLS does work for hyperlinking from my blog. Having said this, if I paste the link with SPELL on browser URL, it actually redirects to SPELLS.

Nonetheless, I think I can now point to Nexus sites from my blog.

Thank you!