Discount for Previously Owning Pathfinder Books is Unfair Compared to Price for Those Who Buy Them Originally from Demiplane

To add a bit based on another comment, if it’s anything like dndbeyond (another project BadEye brought forth) the DM can share their compendium with their players…plus Demiplane seems to have a tip feature built-in that I would assume makes it easier to all pitch in together. Bottom line is Dndbeyond was nothing like any other toolset so either you want a character/encounter builder, homebrewing feature that works seamlessly with the encounter builder, easy-to-navigate compendium or you accept that this isn’t for you and go about your day.

we are goin to be able to share content we own with other players

The price is way to high … just to unlock character options

Unlike for D&D there are some very good free PF2 compendiums out there.
Because ALL the rules, character options and monsters are released as part of the Pathfinder Second Edition system reference documents. Player's Guide - Archives of Nethys: Pathfinder 2nd Edition Database

I really don’t see the added value as an compendium

Paying even more after buying the PDFs at Paizo is even harder to swallow

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Crossposting from the other thread for anyone that comes across it here:

Pathfinder NEXUS will have three core features when it is fully launched - the Game Compendium, Digital Reader, and Character Builder / Digital Sheet:

We are following the pricing model for all of the official Paizo partners out there - game mechanics are freely-accessible (which would be all the content in the Game Compendium), with the book content itself in digital format (the Digital Reader) and the character tools (Builder / Sheet) requiring a purchase to unlock the content for use on the platform. This is the same for all official Paizo partners (AoN, Herolab, etc.)

Having said that, we have some other factors at play that will make that easier when it comes to the upcoming character tools:

  • Demiplane Members can use content sharing with up to 24 other accounts. This means that for any content you own as a member, once you share with your group(s), they can use that content in the Digital Reader and Character Builder / Digital Sheet as if they owned it themselves. This is intended to virtually replicate the concept of passing a book around a table with your friends.
  • We have the Pathfinder Primer that includes four classes and multiple ancestries, backgrounds, feats, items, spells, and more that is entirely free. So any player can use any content in the Pathfinder Primer in the Digital Reader and Character Builder / Digital Sheet without a purchase or membership.

Players will be able to create characters and play without needing to unlock anything, but groups also have flexibility to unlock more options if they desire to do so for play.


I already know that most players will thrive here on Demiplane because I’ve enjoyed similar success on DnD Beyond.

As a 5e refugee, I want to keep it simple for my players. Changing game systems is enough. They know this model for rules and character sheets. Once the character sheets are up and working, they’ll be able to see the relevant rules (because I shared them) and they will be able to make informed decisions.

Finally, I think that easy Foundry integration is also something that is in the works. That works for me. I don’t know how integrated we’re talking, but my hope is that we can link in text and pull character data.

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I disagree. The price is perfectly fine.

i have bought paizo content 3 times already i do the subs then used herolab an now just bought my demiplane content an i think i will be here now since i am happy the dev are clear what they are workin on


I can understand where some people are coming from. It was a major decision for myself to decide if i was going to repurchase content here as I had all the pdfs on Paizo already. And so I waited, and watched the dev updates. I wanted to see what they were offering. Once they announced that any purchase here would allow the PDF on Paizo. I decided that at least I would be purchasing further content here. and when I started to see what they were doing with the Char sheet, I knew that this was an idea I wanted to support so I saved and purchased the ultimate bundle. As I was saying I understand the hesitation to have to repurchase, and by no means do I think that you should break the bank to purchase here a book you already own, however I would encourage anyone to at least start purchasing here and then to go back and purchase the core rule books here as you have fund available.
As for the people talking about the value I disagree. Does it suck to have to repurchase just because a new medium pops up, yes. But I feel the company is trying to do the best they can to ease that transition and to help people that have been playing. I mean they are still pouring in a ton of work into this and think it is unrealistic to think they shouldn’t be compensated for that work. And is it that different from purchasing a second core rulebook for your table. I know many groups that might have 3 core rulebooks for their table. I have some players that purchase books for themselves. And one last note is that all the rules are free on the archives so therefore any book or pdf you purchase is because you want to support Paizo and what they do. Purchases here are no different.


If you have the PDFs on Paizo, you should just be paying for the added functionality on here. If you don’t think it’s worth it, there’s a simple answer; don’t subscribe or buy the add on. Use the free tools elsewhere instead.
If you have a constructive suggestion about the pricing, make it.

Development of the site takes time and money, the leadership has plenty of experience in this industry and I have a lot of confidence they’ll deliver.

Personally, I already prefer the UX of Demiplane’s tool to the bare bones of Pathbuilder and made the decision to invest in the rule set. 24 people able to share the books remotely instead of shelling out £200ish each on hardcopies works for me and they much prefer it to pathbuilder and nethys.


What happens to all your purchses if they decide this isnt profitable and shut the site down. That would be something to look into before purchasing content. I personally am not good at interpreting TOS agreements so maybe someone else could better explain.

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If you link your Paizo account and buy something in the Pathfinder Nexus you get the PDFs added to your Paizo account, for you to download whenever and how many times you want, so you would realistically not lose access to any purchased content


I personally think the price is very fine!

One point that hasn’t been mentioned as well, is the sharing option.

For only $5 a month you are able to share your entire demiplane library with up to 24 persons!

This has to be included in the cost somewhere ($5 per month can’t cover it).

And let’s face it, if you don’t like carrying books around, pdf is not the best format on tablets and cie, while every book on demiplane is formatted to be read and used on electronic devices!