Discount for Previously Owning Pathfinder Books is Unfair Compared to Price for Those Who Buy Them Originally from Demiplane

I have an objection to the way the discount works for those of us who already own the Pathfinder Second Edition PDFs. Most if not all of these PDFs cost $14.99 on Paizo’s web site. On the Pathfinder Nexus site, they cost $29.99 for those who don’t already own the book, and $19.99 for those that do. This price is great if you’ve never bought the book before, and it’s great that those of us who own books do get the price reduced for that. The problem I have is that those of us who already own books end up paying more to get the Paizo PDF and the Pathfinder Nexus version than those who buy them from Demiplane initially, and I believe that this is unfair.



They’ll have to provide something amazing for me to pay more beyond the $70 I already spent on the special edition books.

I don’t see value investment in this service either. Pathbuilder does better for free than what we have here, and $30 is extremely steep for pdf’s for new people.

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I think the features that have been promised sound very good, and I don’t mind investing in them. We’ll be getting features akin to what Pathbuilder does in the coming months. What I do mind is that those of us who own books will be paying $5 more per sourcebook than those who buy them from Demiplane in the first place.

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Thanks for the feedback, and I will be straightforward and transparent with our response to it - the economics of our licensing agreement make this the case.

For all future releases, you will be able to take advantage of the Pathfinder Nexus + PDF pricing. For those previous purchases, we have to make those adjustments based on the way our licensing works.

We (naturally) felt it was still very worthwhile to allow for as much of a discount as possible on those previous purchases instead of the alternative of providing no discount.

Thanks again!


Pathbuilder while free is not what the Nexus will likely be. I really appreciate what PBuilder has done but for me, using my Surface, instead of my much smaller phone, is the experience I am looking for.


What’s preventing you from using your surface now? The web version of Pathbuilder is pretty much complete. I use it on my desktop all the time.


I also have no idea why I would want to pay a few hundred dollars for something I both:

  • Have for free with Pathbuilder
  • Have already invested in HeroLab Online (HLO)

If this would’ve come out a few years ago, I might’ve invested in this instead of HLO.


For all future releases, you will be able to take advantage of the Pathfinder Nexus + PDF pricing.
Am I understanding this to mean if you purchase a “book” for Pathfinder Nexus, the PDF from Paizo will be included?

The FAQ makes it sound as though buying the Nexus sourcebook also includes the paizo pdf download.

So you could spend $30 (assuming no pricing change) and you would receive the Nexus sourcebook and all the benefits that entails for the shared campaigns/character builder and would get the PDF from paizo included in that price.

This is great for people who are not already invested in PF2e PDFs or who wish to buy future books here. The licensing agreement stipulated pricing just stings for those of us who want to get the content we already paid for. I understand it, but it still stings.


If you have your Paizo account linked you will either get a discount if you a PDF through Paizo or when you buy it on here Paizo will just give you a PDF.


Thanks for the reply @creativeburst.

Thanks for that information @retired_magus.

Thank you for being straightforward. I had some presumption that it was a contractual issue.

However, my understanding doesn’t mean I agree with it. At the end of the day your service needs to be worth (as of right now: $160-$240). From GTA to Skyrim to FIFA, there are many companies that slap a new coat of paint on an existing IP with minimal effort for the same price.

If the GM/DM only needs to own the books to allow the players access to them, then that would make a meaningful justification for the listed prices.

If everyone needs to own the books, then let’s do some math:
10,000 Pathfinder players (average book access price $25):
10,000 * 8 = 80,000
80,000* $25 = $2,000,000

That’s just for all the first 8 books of PF2E.
20 books from StarFinder = 10k* 20 * $25 = $5,000,000
20 books from PF1E = 10k* 20 * $15 = $3,000,000

For just 10,000 copies of each book from PF1E, PF2E, and Starfinder, that’s a $10 million syphon from the Paizo community. And that is just on an order of magnitude of 10k copies.

$160-$240 (current PF2E buy-in) is the price of 2-3 video games that require a staff to program something original. What do y’all plan to offer beyond that we can already find elsewhere?

Thank you. I truly hope the hype meets the value.

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It has been mention that there will be a feature to share book and you will be able to buy certain parts of the book. I don’t know how Paizo link will effect that but one thing I do know is that you don’t have to purchase everything. The 160-240 would be for the people who want everything. People may buy more books later but that would be there choice nothing about this system makes you need every book.

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I would like to use the Demiplane sight as a universal spot to find games to play and run, but I’m already able to look up rules and make characters in a variety of ways. I’m a little miffed about the discount on Demiplane for books I have now purchased Physically + Paizo PDF, and HeroLab Online.
Maybe if I could get some of the older books I don’t own yet on Demiplane + PDF for a reasonable price, and Books I already own for $10-$15 that would tempt me to jump in on this venture. For now this just seems like an overpriced option that’s a little late to the game, unfortunately. I’m sure it will work well for some, but DM’s like me will probably be shying away from this unless prices come down, or our players decide it indispensable.

Have to agree zaffren … Considering White Wolf lets you use Paizo’s online library for resources if you’ve bought them, you’d think they be offering a competitive deal to sell their company oriented app…definitely going to be a while before I go in on this until they reward company loyalty and let us use their resources that we’ve already paid good money for on this app…

Here u will pay for a digital toolset (when release) not a content like the Paizo PDF, you will have more options and a good way to manage all the content instead of open differents pdfs, thats the difference I have pdfs from Paizo and I will buy here again for the options that Nexus will give me that paizo doesnt do cause I think im paying for that things instead for the content.

Be realistic, if u want to create a character following the paizo politics of ‘u need the books for the options’, u dont need to pay here anything when u have the pdfs of hardcover books. If u want to check the content, there’s nethys the official prd where all the content is visible for free. If u want a character management for free u stil have options but not official like this will be


one of the perks will be with this is if you do Society content you would be able to have the rule set put together easier

Getting the PDF with the Nexus version isn’t that ideal for those that get the PDF free due to having a subscription with Paizo already. As it stands now, I get the physical book, plus free PDF, and it’s at a discount too.

If all you want is the pdf and not all of the Demiplane features then, by all means, ignore Pathfinder Nexus. Many of us understand that it will be more than a glorified pdf reader and we are excited and willing to pay for the product! Paizo announced PFNexus and obviously endorses it as one of the latest toolsets for Pathfinder. I’m fine with anyone who continues to scrub Nethys with all that free time you have to put together games but please don’t ruin it for us who are excited by the tools presented!