Discount on Books

In the FAQ, it says there will be a discount for those who already own the books. I went through the process of putting a book in my cart, but did not see where the discount comes in. Any info would be great, thanks.

You’ll need to link your account. Account settings>sync accounts> paizo connect

I linked the account before my attempt to buy. Did not see any discount come up.

Is it the pdf you own? If you just bought the physical I don’t think that counts, Demiplane could clarify. There was 1 person I saw post on Paizos blog who had to remove the spaces in the connect code in order for it to sync properly.

Edit: removed part about special edition subs. I thought I read it somewhere but now I can’t find it. So I’m removing it.

@H2Os , the physical counts, they just havent worked out the bugs from pulling the purchase history.

Ya know, now that I think about it, I got most of my 2e pdfs from Humble Bundle which probably does not count even though I downloaded it through the Paizo site. Thanks for he info.

Thanks, I’ll keep watching for updates.

Nah, I am sure they would still count. I believe the API doesn’t look where they came from, just that they are there.

Jeez guess i miss the days when players would share books and dice…i dont mind buying books however paizo does need to allow me to support local shops…This sounds like a great service for someone who cant find games local…as i Have a Bad disease and can only play from home.However untill a better system to allow dms to share all they wish in games.With all books and the services this would run alot of cash then add in hardware needed just to connect to a game.I hope this system is better than every other service

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I assume anyone with physical books won’t be getting any kind of discount on digital copies?

If you purchased those physical books through along with the PDF, then you will receive a discount on the PFN pre-order if you connect your Paizo account.

We can’t effectively track prior hardcover purchases in other places, but we’ll be continually exploring our options with Paizo in the future.

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To be clear Adam, it needs to be with the PDF, correct?

eww sharing dice! and curse my precious?

Yes, that is correct, the “digital” purchase on