Discounts dont seem good enough

Ok so i own the hard cover and the pdf from Paizo on many books however for just the core book you want another 20 bucks that makes each book cost about more than 70 bucks…haha come on …get real why would i rebuy a book i already put into my vtt via PDF…if you were all in bed together id give you both some love but not if i have to get dressed and drive to next town to just make you happy…i think ill just stay where i am…it might be worth it to have the art in the bestiaries however this gets over written every update. why is everyone fighting for money and howmany times do we have to get the same book…these things are overpriced at 50$…nexus is a good idea…4 years ago befor everyone else bled me dry…i really hope for the best but in order to be a service i would buy all my books from…you need a better deal from the publisher and charge real prices on stuff we have already bought…but chargeing me 20 bucks for a 3rd time…nope…id pay 7 then full price on stuff you cant link back to Paizo…how can a local bookstore even stay in my area…if i cant spend any money on books…This new world order crap is getting stupid greedy.

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Perhaps you don’t understand how things work. A business that hires people to code and run a software service that is optional but a better solution for many than pen and paper, deserves and needs money to operate.

Do you get incensed when you go buy a new pair of shoes when you already own a pair of shoes and they won’t give you a heavy discount or free shoes?

Demiplane is building a separate product from Paizo, to enhance your gaming experience. If you choose to use that service/software you should pay a little.

If you HAVE to have a physically book, that’s a personal choice and will add cost to using both. I for one am actually impressed and totally grateful that they secured the ability to grant the official pdf from Paizo for free when buying through Demiplane for Nexus. After years on DNDBeyond, this is a big deal to me and I plan to just get all the books I want this way from here out.


What you said is great. Not to mention a lot of the stuff is offered for free and I personally like the lay out better than archives, and I find Nexus more reliable. I’m really looking forward to the character builder being added.

I respectfully disagree.

Discounts have been amazing. I actually cant believe they’ve been able to offer the books as cheap as they have. If it comes to the point I cant afford the Paizo sub I’ll just buy from Nexus exclusively.

Nexus isn’t a necessity, its optional.


Exactly! I don’t get the OP point of view in the slightest.