Display issues on PF2e character sheet


We are using the PF2e character sheet for our party, using new characters created in the last couple weeks. We’re all using mobile devices. There are a few issues we’ve been having:

  1. Minor annoyance: needing to click “Show more” to use any skills other than the top few

We frequently make stealth and lore checks, and every time it requires us to navigate to the skills tab, click “show more”, and wait for the animation to finish. Having to do this 10-15 times a session can get tedious.

  1. Display issue: horizontal overflow in spell list

These elements overflow horizontally and spill off the page to the right.

  1. UX difficulty: spell slot field is super small and finnicky

The tiny text field is very difficult to edit on mobile (particularly in browsers where the HTML number input arrows don’t show up, but even when they do as they’re so small), and the layout/wrapping also seems off.

Thanks in advance for taking a look!

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Thank you, I’ve passed this on to the team!

Thanks for the reports.

Regarding #1, we originally put that in the “Show More” container there because we got early feedback that people didn’t realize the Actions area was underneath Skills in that mobile section, but I’ve seen more feedback at this point wanting it to just be expanded, so we’ve removed the Show More. (The section is called “Skills & Actions,” so hopefully that will be enough.

The other two have been adjusted. For #3, the text input has been made a good bit larger, so we’ll see if that feels better. If we see additional feedback it doesn’t, then we’ll have to do a full redesign there.


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