Do I have to re-purchase all of my Vampire: The Masquerade content?

I own twelve hardcover Vampire: The Masquerade rulebooks and I have also purchased legal copies of each book in PDF format.

Do I have to buy all of this content a third time if I want to use it on Demiplane? Is there some way I can receive consideration for the hundreds of dollars I’ve already spent on this content?

At this time there is no option to access a digital copy of your previously purchased Vampire: The Masquerade 5th edition books. Our digital sourcebooks and toolset are a separate product and purchase from the physical versions of the books, and I hope you’ll try it out here as we’ve loved putting it into this format!

We do offer Harcover + digital bundles for a few of the books that Renegade has published, and we plan to have more of those in the future, so you can get both versions of the book in one convenient purchase. :slight_smile: