Do we know if/when Werewolf: The Apocalypse 5e will be available on Demiplane?

Pretty much the title. I know there isn’t any reason that Werewolf wouldn’t eventually be available here since Vampire and Hunter are. I’m just debating whether to pre-order on their site or wait to see if pre-orders will be available here.

I’m just wondering if Demiplane has indicated anything on this topic.

Hello, and thanks for posting!

The “if” part of the question is a definite yes - we have the license for Werewolf and we plan to have a Werewolf NEXUS.

We can’t answer the “when” part of the question yet. We’re working on the Vampire character tools now, and we don’t want to divert resources from finalizing those until they are out in the wild since they are the priority in the short term.

Through our pilot for character tools with Pathfinder, much of the work on that portion of the digital tools platform carries over to Vampire (and all the other games), so we don’t expect too much longer of a wait for Vampire. Once that is completed, we will start looking at bringing Hunter character tools and Werewolf tools online.

We’ll share more as soon as we have more specifics. Thanks!

Awesome! Thanks so much for the response! I might wait to purchase Werewolf then until it’s available on Demiplane. Having the digital tools have gotten me excited!