Do you have your first EIGHT LEVELS mapped?

So if you are going to sit down for a game, my question that is an important question for Pathfinder 2 is : Do you have your first 8 levels mapped? You really don’t start to experience pathfinder until level 8. So make sure you got your arch-type picked. Also you should allow players to have an extra archtype for free.

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I tend not to map my characters as I like building them as the story goes on. For example, if luck has it that my goblin is always the one that happens to deal the finishing strike, I might lean into that when building the character. Or I realized that my interactions tend to lean towards diplomatic ones and I might lean into that.

Nope as group and character comp can change plus different things might be called for at certain points, say from module 1 to module 2 and so on. Next Free Archtype subrule works for Strength of 1000’s AP, as it is intended, but I would not recommend it for everyone at every time and for every AP and for every group honestly…


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