Does membership Unlock Pathfinder character traits?

Trying to make characters, but almost everything is locked. Membership info doesn’t actually say anything about unlocking this, and clicking on the locks say you need to buy the book. I already own physical copies of the core book and several supplements. Not worth it if it doesn’t unlock anything.

The Membership, which is our $4.99 monthly subscription gives you the ability to share your entire digital library with up to 24 other people and it gives you unlimited character slots for the character tools across all of the games we support.

In order to use book content in the character tools, you need to either own the books or have it shared to you from someone who does.

You could take advantage of our Pathfinder Remaster program, where if you add the Core Rulebook and the Player Core, and/or the Gamemastery Guide and the GM Core to your cart, you’ll get a free upgrade to the remastered book and own both. :slight_smile:

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