"Dragon Spit" human ancestry not offering remastered spells

I’m creating a human in the character builder with the “Dragon Spit” ancestry feat. The system told me I had access to “Acid Splash,” “Produce Flame,” and a few others that I could select from. After trying to search those out, I realized they were remastered into other spells: Produce Flame became “Ignition,” for example. But the character creator isn’t offering those spells for selection, because they’re now legacy and it hasn’t been update for the Remaster.

Just wanted to let you all know so you can add it to what is I’m sure a MASSIVE “to-do” list. =) Thanks for all the work you do to keep our games amazing!

Peace to you!

Great callout! I’ll make sure this gets into that to-do list if it’s not already there.