Druid's Order Explorer and Order Magic Feats Not Working as Expected

Hello, I’m having difficulty with the Druid feats Order and Explorer and Order Magic. To clarify, the Order Magic feat is the only one that seems to be non-functional, but the Order Explorer feat is a bit odd as well. I’ll walk you through what I did to clarify my issue.
I’m building a Dwarf Druid with the Animal order. I chose Order Explorer as my level 2 feat, and then I clicked the button to choose my order and chose Storm. The strang thing, to me at least, is I then had to choose an order feat. Since I chose the Storm order I chose the Storm Born feat. I do think the character builder should have automatically added Storm Born when I picked the Storm Order for Order Explorer, because Storm Born was the only option I qualified for. So the feat works, but that extra step is a bit weird. The real problem is the Order Magic feat.
At level 4 I chose Mature Animal Companion, so I didn’t add Order Magic to the build until level 6. What the feat should have done, given the rest of the build, is grant me the Tempest Surge order spell. Instead, it added a step where I needed to choose an order spell, which was very mildly irritating at first, but became an actual problem when I clicked the button it did not offer me any spells to choose from. Where I expected to find a list of order spells, I instead found a blank table. I attempted to use the search box to locate Tempest Surge, but it didn’t work. The bottom line is that the Order Magic feat is not working because you are unable to actually use it to add an order spell.

Hi there! Could you please provide a link to your character?

Please ensure that the sharing settings are set to ‘anyone with a link’ so that we can access it and take a look. You can ensure this setting by, while viewing the character sheet, selecting the three horizontal lines next to the character name to open the settings sidebar. Then, scroll to the bottom to find the sharing settings dropdown.

Thank you!

Thanks a ton! We’ve sorted out what the issue is, and it looks like it’ll be a bigger fix that the team will work on. There may be a more short-term fix that we can do–we’re digging in and seeing what we can get done!

Shortest of short-terms while we do that: If you turn ‘legacy’ content on, you should be able to grab the legacy version of Tempest Surge until we get this fixed!

Sounds good. Thanks for looking into it.