Dungeon Max's Feedback - Player in Pathfinder Society/Campaign X - Session N

Background: I’m playing a campaign run in another major pathfinder supporting VTT (Foundry) as a level 4 battle oracle (with cavalier archetype) and tracking the character in Demiplane. Other players in the party are playing a summoner, a magus, and a bard

Session N: Blood Vortex (Probably based on PFS2 #2-06 The Crashing Wave)

  • Obviously you know that we need a way to track familiars, summons, eidolons, cavalier mounts, etc. Seems like a high priority for many classes.
  • As an oracle, there’s lots of important effects specific to my curse and whether I’ve attacked on the turn that I need to be able to track. My party also has a bard with their anthem, etc. To play this game at all I will need a way to share and apply conditions, like my bless spell and the bard’s anthem.
  • Demiplane tools will be helped greatly with an API of some kind for integration with foundry (in particular) and other VTTs.
  • Reminders at top of round for recovery of hit points and at the end of rounds for persistent damage helped a lot with this combat… It might be nice to have “start round”/“end round” buttons on the character sheet

Sorry for being a squeeky wheel between my posts as GM and player, but I have high hopes and expectations for Demiplane being the best place to run Pathfinder 2e :smiley:

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We appreciate hearing how the tools are being used during play! A few of the things you’ve mentioned here are already on our list. Animal companions and familiars are getting close to being ready to roll out. :slight_smile: