Dungeon Max's Feedback - Player in PFS - Session N+1

Background: I’m playing a campaign run in another major pathfinder supporting VTT (Foundry) as a level 4 battle oracle (with cavalier archetype) and tracking the character in Demiplane. Other players in the party are playing a summoner, a magus, and a bard

Session N+1: Snake and Mouse (Probably based on PFS2 #5-07 Sewer Dragon Crisis)

  • [BUG] For some reason, pressing the full heal button on my character sheet at one point during this session would incorrectly set my HP to 0 … can’t recreate the issue now but there’s something odd with that button.
  • [BONUS] I had a lot of poor rolls today … which made for a fun and interesting negotiation with the NPC over dinner. Keep them nat 1s coming ^_^;;

Sorry for being a squeaky wheel between my posts as GM and player, but I have high hopes and expectations for Demiplane being the best place to run Pathfinder 2e


Can you share your sheet with me for this? We’ll need that to look into the Full Heal button issue. :slight_smile:

It happened on this character


It happened again on another character. I think I figured out the common thing that triggered it… both characters had gone down to 0 once, had dying, recovered and then had wounded 1 as an active condition. Clicking full heal while wounded 1 sets hp to 0.

Good to know! I’ve passed that information along to the team.