Dungeon Max's Feedback - Player in PFS - Session N+2

Background: I’m playing a campaign run in another major pathfinder supporting VTT (Foundry) as a level 4 battle oracle (with cavalier archetype) and tracking the character in Demiplane. Other players in the party are playing a summoner, a magus, and a bard

Session N+2

  • I think we’re getting close to level up, so I wanted to check out future options in the builder…
  • It’s too bad that swapping to the builder is so heavy… hoping project tomato yields bigger gains :smiley: … honestly the site is so heavy when I first load a sheet or swap between builder and sheet that it makes me want to avoid it if at all possible. The heaviness is changing how I use the site.
  • it’s nice that I can open the builder and see the list of selections I’m going to be able to make, like which increases, boosts and feats as slots will come up even grayed out, it would be nice if clicking on them would let me see what possibilities there are for that slot, greyed out and unselectable until I level
  • I imagine that lots of players would have a request for the ability to plan out at least one level ahead easily. Could there be a lightweight side panel of just the options for the next level rather than going into the full builder?
  • Also, I’m starting to explore equipment related options. Is there an easy way to affix talismans to the weapon?
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We don’t currently have support for talismans. Since there isn’t a constant mechanical benefit, and they usually have an activated power, they fall under temporary effects for us, which will be supported down the line.

We may introduce a way to attach them to an item before we implement temporary effects, for inventory management purposes. :slight_smile: