Dungeon Max's Feedback - Player in PFS - Session N+3 #4-16: Dacilane Academy's First Great Prank War

Background: I’m playing a campaign run in another major pathfinder supporting VTT (Foundry) as a level 4 battle oracle (with cavalier archetype) and tracking the character in Demiplane. Other players in the party are playing a summoner, a magus, and a bard

Session N+3 #4-16: Dacilane Academy’s First Great Prank War

  • First, thanks! I see that barding for my wolf was implemented… sweet!
  • Request: a way to add my oracular curse (and toggle it easily since as a battle oracle it goes on and off all the time)
  • Same as above for orcish superstition, for example
  • Request: affixing talismans to weapons and armor
  • Request: I got a cold iron shortsword but I can’t see how to set the material of weapons
  • I like how you can use the scroll wheel on the mouse with health amounts but I didn’t realize it was possible until today since it only works when you click in the box. I don’t know if there’s a way to give a cue that this can be done.
  • Request: I would like to be able to make custom items in a way that is a little more robust than the “other items” text box. Looking forward to homebrew features

This type of play feedback is incredibly appreciated, thanks for taking the time to share!

  • Temporary effects are something we don’t currently support, but it’s definitely something we’re looking at how we might approach for the future!

  • Talismans and equipment material is not yet supported, but definitely being looked at.

  • Nothing specific for me to say about homebrew except that it’s in activate development, and it’s definitely worth looking forward to. :wink:

Thanks so much!

Thanks for giving me a reply so I know someone has read it … even when I know it’s sometimes probably not actionable information XD

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