Dungeon Max's SKT Feedback: Session 16 (spoilers)

Background: I’m playing Sky King’s Tomb with 6 players: a bard/celebrity, a kineticist/psychic, an investigator/inventor, a sorcerer/familiar master, a magus/blessed one, and a fighter/linguist. Tools used include discord (voice/video/memes), powerpoint (exploration/downtime, etc.), owlbear (encounter mode), demiplane (character sheets/rule lookup), trello (shared loot), google docs (shared notes/campaign log) and a physical binder (GM Screen)
I have many years of experience taking 5e campaigns from level 0-20 and this is my first Pathfinder 2e campaign.

Session 16: Travel and Workshop Heights Part 1
== During Prep

  • Mantle of Gold Chapter 2 Synopsis: incorrect link to necromancer (maybe link to skribellon or not at all?).
  • Top menu: since I know you’re working on updating the top menu from a response to the fact that wizard is hidden from the classes, a few more points: There should be a way for me to pin or star the adventure paths I am currently running to the top menu for quick access, especially now that the older ones are at the bottom of the list that opens.
  • Top menu: It would also be nice to bookmark/pin certain lost omens books or other links (like the basilisk sport or the harrowing tool)
  • Top menu: would be nice to be able to pin current characters under characters
  • Xulgath Ravening stat block: It would be nice if the book name at the top of the creature listing was a link to the creature in the context of the book
  • Xulgath Ravening stat block: It would be nice if “troop defenses” was a link to the ability glossary
  • Chapter 1: influence and infiltration, Chapter 2: influence and research subsystem links maybe could be updated to GM core links instead of GMG links?
  • Similarly, xulgath warrior and basilisk, etc., (Bestiary 1 creatures with the legacy tag) could be updated to link to Monster Core versions?
  • Chapter 2 G1 third paragraph link to hunter beside Tsaal is incorrect… should just link to Tsaal if at all.
  • The entry for Cobbleswarm doesn’t have art even though there is art on Archives of Nethys. Looking into it, its page in Bestiary 3 doesn’t have art but I think the art on archives of nethys is probably from its entry in the Adventure Toolbox in Agents of Edgewatch, Devil at the Dreaming Palace. Now it could just be that I don’t own Devil at the Dreaming Palace and if I did the art would show up, but it would be nice if the art was provided for the monster entry.

== During play

  • F1. Crumble Yard: I tried running this combat theater of the mind and it turned out pretty good. People are getting used enough to Pathfinder now that they are able to remember to add courageous anthem, the investigator now has a grasp on running devise a stratagem > strategic strike, and other issues we had with the character sheet not being able to reflect all of the information we need to track separately. Still, these improvements would help at sometime in the future.

Bonus: Here’s my GM screen page for upper workshop. Maybe another GM will find it useful

We had a lot of fun this session and Demiplane was an important part of it :smiley:

Or perhaps if the troop rules appeared at the bottom of the listing the way that xulgath information does