Dungeon Max's SKT Feedback: Session 23

Background: I’m playing Sky King’s Tomb with 6 players: a bard/celebrity, a kineticist/psychic, an investigator/inventor, a sorcerer/familiar master, a magus/blessed one, and a fighter/linguist. Tools used include discord (voice/video/memes), powerpoint (exploration/downtime, etc.), owlbear (encounter mode), demiplane (character sheets/rule lookup), trello (shared loot), google docs (shared notes/campaign log) and a physical binder (GM Screen)
I have many years of experience taking 5e campaigns from level 0-20 and this is my first Pathfinder 2e campaign.

I’ve not sent updates in a couple weeks since I didn’t really encounter much to give feeback on… we did a shopping/information gathering session and then yesterday did a custom scenario built around the framework of the basilisk game and a terrorist attack by the Ash Engineer that I’ve been building up to for a while. However one player did notice the following:

We had a lot of fun this session and Demiplane was an important part of it :smiley:

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Thanks for the feedback! I’ll pass it along to the team. :smile: Glad to hear that you’re running into less issues week to week, but still appreciate you sharing what you and your group do find with us!