Dungeon Max's SKT Feedback: Session 6 (spoilers)

Background: I’m playing Sky King’s Tomb with 6 players: a bard, a kineticist, an investigator, a sorcerer, a magus, and a fighter. Tools used include discord (voice/video/memes), powerpoint (exploration/downtime, etc.), owlbear (encounter mode), demiplane (character sheets/rule lookup), trello (shared loot), google docs (shared notes/campaign log) and a physical binder (GM Screen)
I have many years of experience taking 5e campaigns from level 0-20 and this is my first Pathfinder 2e campaign.

Session 6: Diomira’s Drop and First Half of Burntown Temps

  • I have been working on creating a couple optional encounters for the party since Chapter 1 doesn’t have many battles. The current tools for finding monsters are limited. Pathbuilder’s encounter builder does a much better job (but also has issues); it shines at having a better listing for rapidly selecting from a large number of options, allowing review and templating of the creatures, and tracking XP/difficulty of an encounter.
  • In making an encounter listing for myself to print out the monster statblocks on Demiplane had too much whitespace. Screenshotting PDFs was much better. Surely this isn’t a priority, but giving DMs the ability to print out stat blocks for encounters they design would be an awesome feature, that could be made a winner by having printer friendly formatting (low whitespace). See attachment.
  • Additionally, I’m playing with 6 players and need to add extra loot to the encounters in the AP… there should be a better way to jump to listings of level appropriate gear or even just a list of treasure tables. Here’s a page I made on my GM screen of level appropriate tables from GM Core, Treasure Trove and the ones on the AP/LO:Highhelm. It would be awesome if one day demiplane GM tools could have a tab with this kind of table generated based on the character levels and selection of sources.
  • Today we had a no show player and I ran their character. Fortunately, all of the players have shared their character sheets to me so I had easy access. I know you are working on group tools, but having view access to other player’s sheets in the party (and a shared rolling log) would be really nice to have prioritized.
  • Players regularly need to be reminded where to find Perception on the sheets. Especially for those coming from 5e, it’s a little unintuitive. Maybe the design can emphasize it a little more?
  • A bonus: I’m making sheets for my screen summarizing the key aspects of each major encounter to make it easy to track and run. Here’s part 1 of Burntown Temps.

We had a lot of fun this session and Demiplane was an important part of it. :smiley:

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Thanks for sharing this, I’m always excited to hear how your sessions go!

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