Dungeon Max's SKT Feedback: Session 8 (spoilers)

Background: I’m playing Sky King’s Tomb with 6 players: a bard, a kineticist, an investigator, a sorcerer, a magus, and a fighter. Tools used include discord (voice/video/memes), powerpoint (exploration/downtime, etc.), owlbear (encounter mode), demiplane (character sheets/rule lookup), trello (shared loot), google docs (shared notes/campaign log) and a physical binder (GM Screen)
I have many years of experience taking 5e campaigns from level 0-20 and this is my first Pathfinder 2e campaign.

Session 8: bonus encounter part 2 - level up!

  • [Happy] I used the icons in the top left corner of the monster listings as tokens in owlbear and it really brought the encounter to life! The square, unbordered, transparent background style sets them apart from the ones the characters made with tokenstamp. I’ve attached an image so you can see… (another hack for the home game: I have gathered a collection of icons from wowhead to use as status indicators for different active effects.)
  • [Suggestion] I’ve been using Trello for party loot management for adding loot they’ve found and might want to trade between members. Each player is a list, each item is a card, and there’s an extra list for unclaimed items that I as the GM add to. In practice though, I would just tell the players to please add the loot as I listed it off verbally, but I discovered a little hack… I set up a separate board and made the list of items there and then moved a whole list between boards, simplifying moving a list of items… When there are eventually party management/GM tools it would be awesome to have a party loot manager and the ability for the GM to add items to lists during prep that are hidden from the players that can be revealed during play. In the example image below, Jawa’s Crypt was the new encounter.
  • [Feature request] We had a player no-show and we had another person pilot the character. Still waiting for being able to make a “campaign” listing the characters in a group. :smiley:
  • [Bonus] Here’s another page from my GM Screen that I really like. maybe someone else can use it too, or it can spark ideas for a Demiplane digital GM screen…

We had a lot of fun this session and Demiplane was an important part of it. :smiley:


I know this has nothing to do with your post but hoping maybe you can help me. I am new to demiplane but miss playing DND so bad I can’t stand but am having a lot of difficulty trying to find a group to start playing with. I am not sure if I am not doing it right or what exactly. Can you give me any tips on trying to find and active group to start playing with? I don’t even know what half of those apps are you mentioned, that’s how new to this I am.

I’ve been very fortunate to have connected with a group of friends that is interested in playing in my area and we connect now mostly online. If you mention around to some people and see if there’s someone you know, the two of you could try to get in on a game together and then get it growing from there. Also, the pathfinder discord has a great LFG section which might be a good place to start.