Dungeon Max's SKT Feedback: Session 9 (spoilers)

Background: I’m playing Sky King’s Tomb with 6 players: a bard/celebrity, a kineticist/psychic, an investigator/inventor, a sorcerer/familiar master, a magus/?, and a fighter/linguist. Tools used include discord (voice/video/memes), powerpoint (exploration/downtime, etc.), owlbear (encounter mode), demiplane (character sheets/rule lookup), trello (shared loot), google docs (shared notes/campaign log) and a physical binder (GM Screen)
I have many years of experience taking 5e campaigns from level 0-20 and this is my first Pathfinder 2e campaign.

Session 9: level up and silvercap pt.1

  • We leveled up for the first time. Some players had issues…
  • One player didn’t realize they should go to the builder after pressing level up and complained about not seeing the Character Builder button in the manage character sidebar on the character sheet… instead she just went to her feats/features page and used “add feat” but then didn’t realize which options she had acccess to, etc. It might be nice to have an indicator of some kind that there are options waiting in the builder that haven’t been selected when just in the normal sheet view (such as highlighting the feats & features tab) and making the character builder button more prominent (maybe also linked to in the feats & features tab).
  • One player took the familiar master archetype. Another took inventor/companion archetype. Looking forward to the companion/familiar tools.
  • Helping players “debug” their sheets as a GM is a pain. I have to make a copy of their sheet to see the builder options they took and if their preferences are set right. Moving between sheet and builder is slow. Making a copy just to check the builder options is slow and weird. If the sheet is visible, it would be nice to have a visitor view of the builder options they’ve picked.
  • Selecting skill feats is ridiculous due to the vast number that have prerequisites not met and no way to filter out ones you can’t use anyway. Like with other builders like the one in the kingmaker/wrath of the righteous games or pathbuilder, maybe sorting them to the bottom and “greyed out”
  • Still would like to have a rest/prepare for new day button that prompts prepared casters to chose spells, asks about investments, etc.
  • It would be nice as a GM to have a sheet with the party member’s vital statistics and other information about builds in one easily accessible place. See the attached image :smiley:
  • bonus: here’s some reference and reverse lookup sheets I made from LO:Highhelm for my screen. Maybe another GM will find it useful?

We had a lot of fun this session and Demiplane was an important part of it. :smiley:

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