Dungeon Max's SoG Feedback: Session 2

Haven’t updated in a while. Sky King’s Tomb went fairly well for our next couple sessions (lots of prep to figure out the influence encounter at the start of Chapter 3 of Mantle of Gold, and a bit of ad lib to help us through the research encounter that followed) and we’re underway with our new second campaign, Season of Ghosts…

Players are still getting used to their characters and I as the GM don’t yet know all of the ins and outs of their builds so there were a lot of questions to answer about how to play…

The thaumaturge that the current character sheet didn’t advertise to us the baseline class abilities well… damage bonuses were not indicated well in the interface for players and as a GM I was not sure where to turn to for the DC for esoteric knowlege skill checks when they performed their exploit vulnerability.

The swashbuckler panache requirements were unclear a few times.

As a GM I would like to be able to load up several monster stat blocks and flip between a set of them without switching tabs… in this case I especially mean the encounter at the cerulian teahouse with four stat blocks, but can I have a way to load a set of stat blocks on a page?

Thanks a lot! Love demiplane, just wish we could make it more bug free and more helpful for players and GMs.

Hi pr.chrismoore! Always love seeing your posts. :blue_heart:

Noted on Thaumaturge and Swashbuckler. We’ll continue to look at the best ways to present classes, so this is always helpful info to have.

Nothing we currently have for GMs loading up statblocks, but I can say that it’s not not in our plans to have something excellent to give GMs a better way to use Demiplane for creature statblocks. More to come as development continues. :wink: