Dungeon Max's SoG Feedback: Session -4

Background: this feedback is for our upcoming start of Season of Ghosts. We’re going to start near the summer solstice in June to match the in-game calendar while trying to play it at a pace so the seasons around us line up with the in-game season and hopefully finish in one year. We’re actually playing in Japan so I’m leaning in hard on the local themes.

I have some feedback about the inventory management from one of my players who is building his character.

[7:35 PM] (XXX): sometimes I wonder about these developers on Demiplane. Just this simplest quality of life are missing. Do they even play ?
[7:36 PM] (XXX): I am forced to use the Add Item search all instead of being able to just drag and drop the items I want.
[7:36 PM] (XXX): I can’t even set money values. Only add remove. wtf
[7:40 PM] (XXX): What the heck good is adding an adventurers pack to the character if you can’t pull the items out of it. It just wastes space and makes you encumbered.
[7:43 PM] (XXX): You can add a backpack as an equipable item, but it isn’t a container… I’m done fighting with this web page.

Apologies for the tone, but it’s probably useful to hear that people are passionate about the game. I think to make clear the items he’s looking for:

  • Adventurer’s pack should be added as a container with the items in it rather than as a single thing. This would also clarify the way the adventurer’s pack bulk is actually a calculation with the way backpacks reduce bulk.
  • The sidebar to search for new items could use significant improvements in ease of use (filters, drag and drop, a “purchase” button that automatically subtracts the default value from current coins, etc.)
  • The coin management interface is also clunky… it would be nice if there were buy/sell buttons (maybe with a place for the GM to say a set percentage of buy/sell price). It would also be nice to have a way to directly edit coin amounts.

Thanks so much for your hard work at making demiplane the best place to play that it can be. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback! Happy to pass all of those notes along to the team. Also, I’m excited about your upcoming SoG campaign! Excited to hear what characters your group makes and how the adventure goes for you.

To address one other thing from your player’s experience, they should be able to “Add Container” to add a backpack to their sheet as a container as opposed to a held item. :blue_heart:

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Part of the point is that the Adventurer’s Pack, which shows up for purchase during character creation, is listed as a container, even in the item list on the character sheet, but it is not a container. There’s no sense in purchasing it because you can neither add anything to it nor remove anything from it.

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I take that back. When you add it through the “store,” it does show up as a container, but it is empty even though the description is the same as the one you quick purchase at character creation, which is added to inventory, not as a container.