Duplicate initial proficiencies

I’m new to Pathfinder, but excited to learn. I’m hoping my newness can give a valuable perspective.

I think this has been mentioned/fixed before. But anyway:


  • At the end of building an Elf Barbarian, I noticed that Elven-lore was listed twice under initial proficiency while still editing.
  • While still editing, I tried to remove one of the Elven-lore; but both entries went away. They could not be reselected.
  • Viewing the character sheet (not while editing), I see Lore listed twice under Skills.

Reproduction Steps

My Characters, Create Character
Getting Started: Enter name, Level 1, select portrait (skipped). Press [Begin]
Ancestry: Select Elf, [Select Elf]
Ancestry Options:
Select Elf Heritages, Press [Select] next to Whisper Elf
Select Ability Boost Options, Press [Select] next to Default
Select Ability Boosts, Press [Boost] next to Dexterity, Intelligence, and Charisma.
Select Ancestry Feats, Press [Select] next to Elven Lore
Select Animal Whisperer, Press [Select Animal Whisperer]
Select Ability Boost, Press [Boost] next to Wisdom
Select Ability Boost, Press [Boost] next to Dexterity
Class: Select Barbarian, Press [Select Barbarian]
Class Options, Press Level 1
Ability Boosts, Press [Boost] next to Strength, Dexterity, Consittution, and Intelligence.
Skill Training, Press [Train Skill] next to Crafting, Deception, Diplomacy, Intimidation, Performance, Society, Survival, and Thievery
Instinct, Press [Select] next to Giant Instinct
Barbarian Feat, Press [Select] next to Raging Intimidation
Press [Save Changes]

I see Elven-lore listed twice under initial proficiency.
I pressed [-] next to one of the Elven-lore options. Then both Elven-lore entries became untrained, and you could not select them again.
I pressed [Train Skill] next to Acrobatics instead.
Going to the character sheet, I see Lore listed twice under Skills.

Thanks for this! We have been adjusting how we’re handling Lore skills, so this is helpful. :slight_smile: