Eager to play DaggerHeart open beta! Pacific Time Zone

Hello, 22, male, wanting to play the new DaggerHeart open beta, I myself have little TTRPG experience, so I’d figure new TTRPG would be great to try out. I would very much like to be able to find/form a group, and I’m comfortable with all people no matter culture, race, beliefs, or religion. Its fantasy so we can be whatever we put our imagination to be. I know DM’s are a high ask and very much sought out, but i will be asking the same of any player who’s willing to DM.


Same boat as you, interested in playing as well.

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I am a Forever DM and am willing to be the GM if its alright, i’m in the Central Time zone

I’m on EST but can work with flexible time zones. I’m really interested in playing as well. I wouldn’t be able to play until at the earliest Monday 3/18 if that’s something that’s workable?

If you’re still looking for players, I’d love to join a session 0 to see if its a good fit! I’m have some diverse ttrpg experience, so I’m eager to see how this system actually plays. Should we make a server on discord?

i am fairly new to table top games but would to try playing daggerheart. schedule is kind of crazy so let me know if/when yall decide to play.

Standing in the Pacific Ocean.
New to actual gameplay online of this sort. Epic lurker of ttrpg material.
Critter geek. Not sure where to start online ttrpg. DaggerHeart seems rad.

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If you guys are still looking for players then I’m game! No problem if yall are full tho. EST.

We have found the DM but i dont know how to approach getting everyone together should we just shove everyone into a discord server???


if you dont mind dm for us thatd be great, as far as time zone goes it shouldnt be an issue for the rest of us in pacific time to cater more towards your preferred time

Would love to join if you’re still looking for players. Down to play whatever class/spec

I think probably a discord server would be easiest? I’m fine with that, anyways.

Discord username: ab3ja_r3yna

Long time role player looking to give Daggerheart a try! I am in CST and would love to play with all of you. What time would the game be played?

Another boundlessly enthusiastic TT newbie in PST hoping to get in on the ground floor with Daggerheart! Would love to join if there’s space!

Same here , would love to join if there’s any space. EDT

If anybody is looking for pick-up style play, this guy has a discord where we organize one-shots.