Edge and Trouble Rerolls

The reroll button on the die roller is a bit strange; it just takes the new result when it should do one of these.

Edge - use the better of the two numbers
Trouble - use the worst of the two numbers

Instead of a reroll button, have an Edge and Trouble button, that uses the right values.
It would also be nice to see the the original number was.

The reroll button currently prompts you to select which dice you’re rerolling, because an Edge lets you choose which die you want to reroll, whereas a Trouble does not. This also allows you to handle double and triple edges and troubles, rather than needing more buttons for those scenarios.

In this screenshot, I’ve highlighted the 1 to be rerolled, but there might be a scenario where you have a pair of fours and a five, and so want to reroll the five instead of one of the fours.

You can see your previous rolls in the dice roller, as this screenshot shows what you can see the past three rolls. In the example I’m sharing, it’s the initial roll, a reroll with the same result, and a reroll with a different result.

I hope this helps explain what we’re doing with the dice roller and packing all that functionality into one button, rather than making a completely different workflow for Edges and Troubles. :slight_smile:

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