Elder Playbook Worried Condition Typo

for the Elder playbook it shows the Worried condition as giving a +2 to deny a callout, which should be a -2.
this appears both on the digital reader and the character sheet.

Thanks for reporting this! We just spoke with our friends over at Magpie who told us that “Deny a Callout” is a reversed move, which means that rolling high is bad and rolling low is good, so +2 is actually correct here, since the +1 to rely on skills and training is the benefit, +2 to deny a callout is the penalty. :slight_smile:

oh right, i completely blanked on that xD
sorry about that. i guess my pdf is wrong then, because it says - 2 there :woman_shrugging:
anyways, thanks for the answer

I believe they may have released an updated version of the PDF, although I’m not certain if there’s any easy way to have gotten it. :slight_smile:

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