Electric Arc using wrong saving throw DC

I have a level 3 character with the Electric Arc cantrip. The Nexus character sheet is saying EA has DC 16 Reflex saving throw. This is incorrect. The target must make a Reflex saving throw against the spell user’s spell DC, which for this character is 19.

I was puzzled how it had arbitrarily picked 16 until I realized this character has a Reflex saving throw modifier of +6. The Nexus character sheet seems to be using the caster’s Reflex DC (10+6=16) as the DC for the spell when of course it’s the target that’s making a Reflex save against the caster’s spell DC.

If you click on the spell, it should pop out to show you what the calculation it’s doing is. Would you mind sharing a screenshot (or sharing your character)? Here’s a level 2 bard of I just made to test this, where it seems to to calculate the DC correctly:

On further investigation, I think this may be a result of it being an innate spell for this character. Need to investigate further. Thanks for responding so fast.

We’re here to help! If you’d like to share your character sheet here, we can take a look as well and see if we can identify what’s happening behind the scenes. To do so, click your character portrait to open your sheet settings sidebar, then scroll down and update your sharing settings to let anyone with the link view your sheet, then copy/paste the link here. :slight_smile: