Encumbrance Container (Backpack) Error

Ran into something weird. I’ve equipped a Buckler (Light “L”) & Rapier (Bulk “B”) = 1.1 Bulk. I had various items that were in my inventory and also created a Container (Backpack). The Backpack holds 4 B but the first 2 Bulk shouldn’t be included. I moved various items back and forth to try to reduce my total Bulk so as not to be encumbered (Strength 8 so 5 Bulk = Encumbered). While moving things back and forth my Backpack currently contains 4.5 Bulk total and my total encumbrance is now 6/4 - Encumbered.

Here is a list of what is in my backpack:
Musical Instrument, Handheld 1B
Hand Crossbow L
Bolt x2 2L
Dagger L
Survey Map L
Whip B
Bedroll L
Chalk x10 –
Flint and Steel –
Rope(50 ft) L
Rations x2 2L
Soap –
Torch x5 5L
Waterskin L
Quilted Armor B
Total Bulk 4.5

I’ve removed .5 (5 Torches) to see what happens and it increases my total Bulk to 7/4 - Encumbered. All this equipment should be 5.6 B

I removed all the items from the backpack and put them back in. Backpack shows 4/4 B and I’m still at total Bulk 6/4 - Encumbered.

If I’m not mistaken, I should only be a 1.5 B Equipped and 2.5 B Backpack (4.5 B in the backpack - 2 B as per the backpack rules) for a total Bulk of 4/4.

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Also, even though I’m showing as Encumbered it still shows my movement speed being unchanged.

At some point hours later, I went back into the character sheet and the encumbrance issue was resolved. Not sure if your team fixed it or if the character sheet needed refreshing. Previously, it was updating the encumbrance when I would move things in or out of the container. But, the encumbrance wasn’t right until hours later.

It could have just needed a refresh, as I don’t think we actually made any changes. However, please keep an eye out and if you see something like this again, so we can make a fix if there’s something that isn’t working right. :slight_smile:

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