Encumbrance: new, naked and already bulky somehow

New character, zero equipment purchased, carried or equipped, zero coins carried, and yet I am already at Bulk 3.
If I buy items, the bulk carried goes up, but if I then unequip and delete them, the bulk does NOT always go down.
I am now at Bulk 8 after equipping and unequipping armor and a bow, then deleting everything.
Naked and Bulk 3, now naked with Bulk 8.

(otherwise, great program)

I have the same issue. Nothing in inventory, but showing Bulk 9/8 Encumbered.


Thanks for reporting this! We are tracking an issue that causes certain pieces of equipment to be hidden on the character sheet (causing bulk to seemingly appear from thin air). This is something we expect to resolve with the character tools refactor that will release in the next few weeks. :slight_smile:

Yer same here just stripped my fighter the empty no gear and I’ve got Bulk:12/11

Same. It appears to add 1 bulk every time I “inspect” an item under the add item tab even if I don’t actually add anything.

This is the behavior that I’m seeing as well. It seems that “inspected” items’ bulk is added to the character.