Enhancement - Embrace the Available Screen Space

Something I discovered years ago when building character sheets (especially for tablet/laptop use) is that landscape formats often work so much better at the table. I’m old school (started in '84) so of course portrait was my default, but a 2 or even 3 column landscape presentation can give way more information in distinct blocks for in-game use. I’m guessing one challenge here is the desire to work in both mobile and computer implementations, but looking at this on my laptop really leaves the impression of a lot of dead space on both sides. If the core info, skills, and actions on the front page were in three columns, though, I could see most of the character information at one time without scrolling. In like manner, when I switch to spells or equipment, for instance, I wouldn’t want the core info taking up the top of the screen. I’d prefer it either staying on a tab of its own (along with skills and actions) or being shifted to the right in a landscape view. Perhaps some good style sheets that shift display boxes based on default screen size/orientation could do the work here, but I’m not a dev (though I have run a 100+ employee SQA/test org).

Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile: