Equipment Adds

Some feedback for the PF2 Character Tool:


  1. There is no option in the character creation portion for starting equipment - Please Add this as a step in the builder.

  2. There is no “Buy” button for the piece in question. Only “Add”, which then you have to manually calculate into silver and then manually remove from your currency. - Please have a “Buy” option that auto calculates the purchase price being taken out of the Currency tracker

  3. Filter does not always filter on appropriate word. i.e. I typed in “Armor” and it did not display Full Plate.

  4. There needs to be an advanced Filter so that I can filter on keywords and tags .

  5. Equipment aside - There is not easy way to get back to the Generator part from the character sheet.


Thanks for the feedback! I can confirm that both starting equipment and the ability to buy equipment are both features that are in the works.

Many of the features you see in the beta are not in their finished state, so things like equipment management and especially filtering are going to be improved significantly before the end of the beta test.

To navigate back to the builder from the character sheet, you can click on your character’s portrait, which will open your sheet settings sidebar. There’s a button in there to open the builder. :slight_smile: