Equipment Issues with Dwarf Fighter

Hi all…

Just starting using the Character Builder- using Chrome browser and sometimes it is a bit laggy, other times not. I think AC was brought up before-- equipping Chain Shirt brings me up to 17, but then equipping the Steel Shield does nothing to my AC. Also, the Clan Dagger that comes with my dwarf ancestry doesn’t seem to want to equip. I click the Equip button and nothing seems to happen.

Other than that- it is very intuitive and easy to use. Thanks!

Equipping a shield does not increase AC in Pathfinder. Raising a shield gives you a circumstance bonus to AC while you have it raised, but that is using an action and it is a circumstance bonus, so it wouldn’t change the AC.

Ah thank you-- yes I should mention I am new to 2.0…played the first iteration some years back and have forgotten that a bit as well. Appreciate your help!

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