Error: Level 10 Ability Boosts Problem

I have attached a screenshot below, but as I was setting up a Level 11 character I have been running in a campaign, I hit a bug at Level 10: at that level, players can increase four ability scores. However, when I go to do that (and the builder correctly shows 0/4 to be updated), the actual selections have the previous four I picked at level 5 still selected, meaning I either have to “remove” those selections (and it’s unclear if doing so will affect the stats) OR I can only choose the remaining two abilities. Just FYI. Loving the character builder so far, and appreciate the constant updates!

Thanks for sharing this. We’re aware that this has been an issue and are looking into it. :slight_smile:

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I was having the same issue at level 10. However, all of the options were closed for me. If I removed a boost and selected it again the count read 1/4.

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Thanks! I’ll try that as a work-around.