Extinction Curse backgrounds missing


I’m running extinction curse in fantasy grounds, and we were looking to use demiplane for character sheets since FGU’s learning curve is steeper than anyone wants to climb. However when I went to re-create their characters, I noticed the Mystic Seer and Animal Wranger backgrounds were missing.

I know you guys are working backwards to get the adventure paths in, and the remaster project is sucking up all your time, but I thought I’d drop a note that someone was actively looking for extinction curse

Thanks for sharing that feedback! I think Strength of Thousands is next, and then we only have one or two left to get through. :slight_smile:

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Beginner Box, Extincition Curse, Quest for Frozen Flame and Strength of Thoundsands is currently what you missing.

That list matches what our internal one says. :slight_smile: