Familiars and companion feedback

Love the way companions and familiars have been added! Kicking the tires I’ve already bumped into a few limitations though.

  • My Oracle/Cavalier character rides a wolf and has barding for it but there’s no place to add equipment to a companion at the moment.
  • This Investigator/Inventor took the inventor archetype and construct invention but it’s not giving her a companion
  • There’s a player in my SKT campaign looking into getting an augdunar as a pack animal to carry a bunch of bulk when we begin traveling in the Darklands, but I suppose it could be the same for any character that just wants a mount even without a specific class feature… there should probably be a way to add a third category of non-class feature extras (future could include vehicles? kingdoms?)
  • the occult mysteries theme hides the gear icon… you can still click it so that’s actually kinda spooky and leading into the theme but probably not intended

Thanks for your feedback, and for reporting the minor issues. We’ll take a look! :slight_smile:

Hey adding another small note on animal companions here – it seems that the strength modifier isn’t showing up in the damage calculation:

Given that the young snake animal companion has a strength modifier of 3, I would expect the damage roll to show up as 1d8 + 3 instead of just 1d8.

Thanks for adding the new section!

Thanks for reporting this, we’ve rolled out a fix that should resolve the issue. :slight_smile: