Feat Organization Issues

One thing I’ve noticed when creating characters, especially when you’re making a character above level one, it’s very difficult to track the prerequisites for feats. If you were to look in the hardcopy book there are tables that very clearly show level, prerequisites and benefits in column format. While those attributes are present in the current format you have, the navigation on it feels very clunky. I have to click on a feat to get a drop down that then lists the prerequisites and description beneath it. Currently when building a character it’s easier for me to use the book for feat selection and then just search for them in the feat selection column. This seems fairly undesirable under the assumption using a digital tool should be more convenient than the hardcopy pen and paper method. This is less an issue of non-functionality than quality of life.

Thanks for the feedback! We already have plans to make it easier to sort through and select feats, so I’ll pass this feedback along for us to review as we work on that. :slight_smile: